Ray Allen: Publicity Whore?

Interesting article today by Chris Forsberg on ESPN.com about Boston’s Ray Allen lack of 3-point attempts Monday night against the Bobcats. Instead of tying or breaking Reggie Miller’s 3-point field goals made record in meaningless game against a bottom feeding Easter Conference team, Allen seemingly set himself up to accomplish the feat tonight. Why tonight? Perhaps because it’s a nationally televised game versus the defending champion Lakers, and oh yea, Reggie Miller will be there calling the game for TNT.

Maybe the former star of Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” takes after his mom. She clearly likes the spotlight and is often seen acting like a cheerleader every time her 35 year old son scores. I don’t recall her having courtside seats and getting this much TV time when Ray was playing in Seattle and Milwaukee. Anyway, use the break in the game when the Celtics celebrate the record breaking shot to get a sandwich or go to the bathroom.



In the NBA Less is More

The NBA is losing money and putting out a mediocre product.  It is time to start contracting franchises.  Click the link to read the article.

In the NBA Less is More


Commercial Success? – Broowaha

Writing for a new site called Broowaha.  Click the link to read the whole article.

LeBron James continues his campaign to reenter the good graces of public opinion.

Commercial Success? – Broowaha.

The Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer

Click the link for my thoughts on some news makers of the NBA off season.

The Legacy of Shaquille O’Neal

Initially what struck me was the complete lack of grammar, but after I read through the lines of incoherent babble, I knew I needed to find out exactly what ESPN analyst Jalen Rose had said to set O’Neal off. Apparently in an interview, Jalen said that Shaq was aging and Father Time is undefeated. I’m sure nobody likes being called old, but does it warrant an irate, nonsensical Twitter response? Especially when it’s true. In the first game of playoffs this year O’Neal scored 12 points and grabbed 5 rebounds in 25 minutes of work. The headline on ESPN was LeBron and Shaq send Cavs past Bulls in Game 1. Unfortunately, this is now considered a great game from the Diesel. But don’t try to tell him that.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, May 2010

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An Ancient Battle in Beantown

With the Boston Celtics Game Five victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, What? You’ve never heard of the Battle of Salamis?  Allow me a quick history lesson.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, May 2010

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Changing of the Guard

I’ve always had a soft spot for point guards.  They are the smallest guys on the court, yet they command so much respect as they are the ones who control the pace of the game and run the offense for their team.  In the most traditional sense they aren’t there to score, but rather make sure their teammates get involved.   Guys like Bob Cousy, Magic Johnson, and John Stockton were the pinnacle of point guards for their respective generations.  Though each added his own personal style to the equation, their primary role was facilitate the offense. So while Magic ran the fast break to perfection and Stockton mastered the pick and roll, it was always about making the right pass at the right time.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, May 2010

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