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The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 4

Mike Florio is Ignorant

I can’t use that cool linking feature like before so if you want to read about me trashing Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, you are going to have to click the link below.

Mike Florio is Ignorant // BlogCatalog Community.

The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 3

In this episode Baldo and Jared discuss the NBA Playoffs, John Wooden, Steven Strasburg and much more.

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Bob Bradley vs. The World

With the USA’s first World Cup game less than a week away, I feel it is time to lay out my biggest problem with our team: Coach Bob Bradley.  And while I might criticize his call-ups and tactics, my biggest complaint might not be his fault at all – his nationality.  My argument is this: we should not have an American coaching the US Men’s National Team.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, Jun 2010

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Live from New York, it’s the Super Bowl

I can’t believe I have to write about this.  Why do I have to write a post about how bad of an idea having a Super Bowl in an outdoor cold-weather stadium is?  I don’t care if it’s New Jersey – oops, I mean New York.  So now, instead of having a topic that is both brilliant and hilarious, I will lay out obvious and logical arguments as to why this is such a bad idea.blogcatalog.com, BlogCatalog, Jun 2010

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