Ray Allen: Publicity Whore?

Interesting article today by Chris Forsberg on ESPN.com about Boston’s Ray Allen lack of 3-point attempts Monday night against the Bobcats. Instead of tying or breaking Reggie Miller’s 3-point field goals made record in meaningless game against a bottom feeding Easter Conference team, Allen seemingly set himself up to accomplish the feat tonight. Why tonight? Perhaps because it’s a nationally televised game versus the defending champion Lakers, and oh yea, Reggie Miller will be there calling the game for TNT.

Maybe the former star of Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” takes after his mom. She clearly likes the spotlight and is often seen acting like a cheerleader every time her 35 year old son scores. I don’t recall her having courtside seats and getting this much TV time when Ray was playing in Seattle and Milwaukee. Anyway, use the break in the game when the Celtics celebrate the record breaking shot to get a sandwich or go to the bathroom.



The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 16

Recorded Dec. 23, 2010. We are joined by Joe to discuss the Ohio State football suspensions and the popularity of college sports in the Northeast.

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The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 15

Recorded November 9, 2010. We discuss the Cam Newton controversy and get into the bigger topic of paying college athletes.

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In the NBA Less is More

The NBA is losing money and putting out a mediocre product.  It is time to start contracting franchises.  Click the link to read the article.

In the NBA Less is More


The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 14

Recorded Nov. 1, 2010. We discuss the TV presentations of various sports.

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Commercial Success? – Broowaha

Writing for a new site called Broowaha.  Click the link to read the whole article.

LeBron James continues his campaign to reenter the good graces of public opinion.

Commercial Success? – Broowaha.

The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 13

Recorded October 19, 2010. We are joined by Ryan and Nate to discuss concussions in the NFL and the league’s new suspension policy towards illegal hits.

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Bill Simmons, Randy Moss, Twitter

If you are on twitter (which I am) and if you follow ESPN’s Bill Simmons (which I do) you may have seen an interesting tweet last week. It simply said “moss Vikings.” Several minutes later Simmons tweeted that his previous tweet was supposed to be a direct message to someone. Nevertheless the inadvertent tweet sent rumors swirling of a Moss trade to the Vikings. Eventually this rumor was confirmed and the next morning the deal had been done.

While much of this has been documented, The Sports Guy’s column this week explains the behind the scenes of how it all went down. Like a typical Simmons piece it’s pretty wordy, but good.  It provides a very nice insight to the inner workings of ESPN and insider information.  Follow the link to check out the column.

Source: ESPN Page 2

The Art of Sport Podcast: Episode 12

Recorded Oct. 8, 2010. We use the new format to discuss various rule changes in sports.

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Extreme Measures

As a fan there isn’t a whole lot you can do to actually help your team win.  Apart from cheering loudly to give some semblance of home field advantage, you can feel helpless watching your team lose.  This is the case with the New Mexico State University football team.  Currently winless this season, students  have decided to take a proactive approach to help their team, sort of.

Fliers were spread around the campus urging female co-eds to refrain from sexual relations with any member of the football team until they record a win.  Sports by Brooks has the story including images of the fliers which campus authorities are trying to dispose of.

From a fan’s point of view I love the enthusiasm but it seems like a pipe dream.  In an environment filled with girls with low self-esteem and alcohol, I doubt any football player looking to get some is going to have too much trouble.

Source: SportsbyBrooks